Love is Like Karate

Why is love like karate?

If you look at how the ranking system works in karate, there are different colours of obis (which is like a belt) which represents the level one has achieved.

The most widely practiced style of karate, shotokan, uses the following ranking system (from Wikipedia):

Level Obi colour
9th kyū orange
8th kyū red
7th kyū yellow
6th kyū green
5th kyū violet
4th kyū violet with
a white stripe
3rd kyū brown
2nd kyū brown with
a white stripe
1st kyū brown with
two white stripes
1st – 10th dan black

Each belt colour represents the level that one can achieve in karate and it represents hard work, dedication and commitment to the art of karate.

We can compare love to karate in this way because one could say that love represents hard work, dedication and commitment between two people.

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Obviously there are more elements to love but as a person trying to understand what love might mean, I think this can be a useful analogy.

If you meet someone and they tell you that they love you, think about what level that love might be at. Is it very new? Maybe it’s an orange belt kind of love. Have you been together for a while? Maybe it’s a brown belt kind of love.

I think that once you get to the black belt level kind of love, that is such an advanced level representing the highest level of love – engagement, marriage, a lifelong partnership.

Some people get scared when they hear the “L-word” but in reality, love can represent a whole wide range of levels.

So the next time someone tells you that they love you, think about what colour of belt they’re wearing.

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