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NPR Tiny Desk Concert w/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

No Comments 30 June 2016

I first heard the Macklemore Tiny Desk Concert on NPR about 3 years ago and to this day it has remained one of my favourite music sessions. The lyrics, the music, the setting and the quality are all incredible. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!



My Favourite Concerts

1 Comment 27 March 2013

Growing up in small town New Brunswick, I listened to a lot of music that I thought I’d never get to see live. AC/DC, Metallica, Tom Petty, Queen to name a few. My ultimate wish was to see Queen live but over the past 8 years, since moving to Calgary, I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of the bands I always dreamt of seeing live. Here’s a list of my favourite concerts along with 1 or 2 of my favourite songs per band. What are your favourite concerts you’ve been to over the years?


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Calgary)

AC/DC (Vancouver)

Metallica (Calgary)

Crash Test Dummies (Calgary)

Nickelback (Calgary)

Live (Calgary)

Barenaked Ladies (Calgary)

Stompin’ Tom Connors (Woodstock)

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My Top 15 Songs As a Teen

1 Comment 08 January 2013

As a kid, I grew up listening to my dad’s record collection, buying cassette tapes from Colombia House (11 cd’s for the price of 1) and recording songs off the radio onto cassettes. I still listen to many of these songs, over 15 years later and some of them still remain among my favourites. What are your favourite songs from your teens?


Six Songs That Were New To Me

No Comments 04 November 2012

The benefit about having XM radio in my car is that I can listen to a variety of music genres very easily and it also means that I get to hear a lot of songs that I normally would never hear of. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing down some songs that really caught my ear and so I share them with you. Some you may have heard, some maybe not. I’d love to know which one you liked the best:

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For Those Who “Hate” Bands/Types of Music

No Comments 09 April 2010

Everyone I know listens to music and loves at least one genre. There are also many people who hate certain types of music (some examples of people I know are country and heavy metal haters). But that doesn’t mean that any certain type of music is “bad”. And, for popular artists (ie Nickelback, Celine Dion) I always find it interesting when people say that they hate them because they’re “bad”. Or that all of Nickelback’s songs sound the same. Or that other people don’t know good music.

Well, I think those people are foolish and silly.  Who can really say if a band as big as Nickelback is bad? They’re not. Millions of people love them (myself included). There aren’t any bands that I “hate”. Rarely can you find a band/type of music who I won’t listen to. I appreciate them for what they are – artists. They are doing what they love to do and there are many of them who are really good at what they do.

I give props to anyone who writes music, performs in front of thousands of people, produces an album, etc. They exist as they do because they entertain us and some of them do it so well that they are very very rich. Who wouldn’t want to do what they love and make a lot of money from it? I certainly wouldn’t complain.

I just find it really tiring, annoying and a waste for when people have so much hatred for something. If you really don’t like something that much, don’t waste energy “hating” them/it. Use that energy in a positive way and direct it towards doing something good or spending your time doing something you love.

Just a suggestion for all you “haters”.

It’s much more fun loving something than hating something.

And much more rewarding.

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Source of Motivation

No Comments 22 August 2008

I wrote this on my blackberry and sent it to myself while I was at the Tom Petty concert a few weeks ago. I was watching the fans in the floor seats as they watched the show and had some thoughts about it. I’m going to leave the post exactly as I wrote it; fragmented but with complete thoughts. Feel free to add your own thoughts…

Find something to talk about that inspires people. Talk about it. Be passionate about it. Promote it. Live it. Spread it. Find something that entertains people. Find a cause that people can rally around.

What is it about musical or athletic talent that draws people to spend so much time and money on the pursuit? Since they are not actively involved in the activity, why do they become so drawn to it? Do they think they have an effect on the outcome or the overall experience by being in attendance? Do they think they can make a difference? If so, why don’t more people vote? Or donate blood? Or support real causes? Why do more people go to a rock show (and pay money) than go to a political rally for a real cause? Does practicing ignorance and keeping our distance somehow make us feel that we are not avoiding what is real because we pretend we don’t know about it?

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We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

No Comments 19 August 2007

In case you haven’t heard this great song by Billy Joel, I recommend listening to it before reading the rest of this post…you can listen here:

Just today, while listening to some Billy Joel, I was reintroduced to this great great song. In high school, our Outdoor Pursuits teacher, Mr. Fletcher, gave us an assignment to look up every historical reference in this song and find out what it meant. The assignment was worth something like 112 points – which equaled the number of historical references in the song. He was a huge history buff, and thought it would be an interested assignment. Which it was. However, whether he knew it or not, there are websites devoted to this song, and each historical reference is linked to a corresponding page with some information about that reference. So the assignment, while informative, was quite easy.

Here are the lyrics to the song, with the references linked (I’m sure some of the links don’t work as this is an old site):

Harry TrumanDoris DayRed ChinaJohnnie Ray
South PacificWalter WinchellJoe DiMaggio

Joe McCarthyRichard NixonStudebakertelevision
North Korea, South KoreaMarilyn Monroe

RosenbergsH-BombSugar RayPanmunjom
Brando“The King and I”, and “The Catcher in the Rye”

EisenhowervaccineEngland’s got a new queen
MarcianoLiberaceSantayana goodbye

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it

Josef StalinMalenkovNasser and Prokofiev
RockefellerCampanellaCommunist Bloc

Roy CohnJuan PeronToscaninidacron
Dien Bien Phu and “Rock Around the Clock”

EinsteinJames DeanBrooklyn’s got a winning team
Davy Crockett“Peter Pan”Elvis PresleyDisneyland

Princess Grace“Peyton Place”, trouble in the Suez


Little RockPasternakMickey MantleKerouac
SputnikZhou En-Lai“Bridge on the River Kwai”

LebanonCharles de GaulleCalifornia baseball
Starkweather, homicide, children of thalidomide

Buddy Holly“Ben-Hur”space monkeyMafia
hula hoopsCastroEdsel is a no go

U2Syngman Rheepayola and Kennedy
Chubby Checker“Psycho”Belgians in the Congo


HemingwayEichmann“Stranger in a Strange Land”
DylanBerlinBay of Pigs Invasion

“Lawrence of Arabia”British Beatlemania
Ole MissJohn GlennListon beats Patterson

Pope PaulMalcolm XBritish politician sex
JFK, blown away, what else do I have to say


Birth controlHo Chi MinhRichard Nixon, back again
MoonshotWoodstockWatergatepunk rock
BeginReaganPalestineterror on the airline
Ayatollolah’s in IranRussians in Afghanistan

“Wheel of Fortune”Sally Rideheavy metalsuicide
Foreign debtshomeless vetsAIDSCrackBernie Goetz
Hypodermics on the shoreChina’s under martial law
Rock and Roller Cola Wars, I can’t take it anymore


We didn’t start the fire
But when we are gone
Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on…

A super video of the song: Billy Joel – “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

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