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Change What You Can, Cope With What You Cannot

No Comments 20 January 2017

This quote is more relevant than ever especially for Americans who are unhappy with Donald Trump officially being sworn in as President today.

I don’t really have an opinion on the whole matter. Why? Because all of the data that is available is from news sources that is really tough to tell their true intentions. Are they being fair in what they are reporting? Are they even accurate or truthful in what they are reporting? With so many people having an agenda, it’s impossible to know what’s right and what’s wrong. All that can be known to be sure is what he does in office and the results of his actions. So many people are speculating and are upset. But all we’re shown or told is whatever the specific news outlet is telling us. And because they have a story to tell, they will only include the information that helps them tell that story.

That being said, I think people should more on what they can control. For example:

  • How they treat their body
  • How they treat others
  • What they do for work
  • What they do for hobbies
  • What they read, watch or listen to
  • Where they go
  • What they wear

Aside from that, an individual doesn’t have the power to influence any decisions that are made in the White House or really on any level of government. Unless that individual is in government or is going to create a movement. Which isn’t 99.9% of individuals. I know one of those people who is the 0.1%. His name is Gian-Carlo Carra. I’ve seen first hand what it takes and have been a part of his mission for seven years. There’s a reason why more people aren’t like him. It takes a certain skillset, a thick skin, an absolute devotion to the cause, a lot of patience and a lot of faith.

So if you are complaining on Facebook or Twitter and what is happening in the USA is in any way impacting the quality of your life, I challenge you to take a look at your abilities, your goals and your efforts. Do you have the ability to change something? If not, stop complaining, stop letting what’s happening negatively impact your life and instead focus on the things that can make your life better.

All the effort you’re spending on being upset, being negative and trying to figure out everything that’s going on, you could spend being a more engaged, more positive, more healthy individual which will ultimately make your country better. One thing I know for sure – what you’re doing right now isn’t making your country any better.




Exaggeration in Marketing

No Comments 02 July 2013

My biggest pet peeve with marketing is when companies make ridiculous claims or take something that’s real and use it to their advantage to sell a product.

The most recent case of this comes from a commercial for the 2014 Mazda6 in which Mazda claims the new Mazda6 is flipping convention on its head just like the Fosbury high jump technique and its effect on the sport of high jump.

Really Mazda?

Their claim is silly and exaggerated. What Dick Fosbury did for the sport of high jump does no way compare to Mazda’s claim. It’s downplaying Fosbury’s influence on the sport and making Mazda appear as though they’ve been revolutionary in the automotive industry. Perhaps if they were announcing that they were selling a car without tires or something but c’mon Mazda. I wish marketing people would try a little harder with their concepts and develop the ability to take an unbiased look at their own marketing in order to realize just how stupid it is.

In case you haven’t seen the commercial, here it is:

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I Like You…But I Don’t Want to Talk to You…

5 Comments 20 November 2012

How many times have you had this happen to you?

You write one of your friends a message on facebook. You don’t hear back from them. A week, two weeks, three weeks go by and no reply. Then one day, you post a picture or update your status and your friend, the one you wrote and haven’t received a reply from, likes your photo or status.

I’ve had this happen many times. There are “friends” on facebook I’ve been trying to get ahold of for a while. I don’t have their phone number or email so facebook is the only way for me to communicate with them, I also want to Buy instagram followers because that way I can become more active on Instagram and eventually find my friends. I will leave a few messages unread with the goal to respond to them in a timely manner, depending on what the message is all about. I get that people are busy so I don’t expect a message back right away. But far too often, I’ll have outstanding messages with someone who likes something I post and yet I still haven’t gotten a message back from them.

I see this on the pages I manage as well. People are far more likely to “like” a status than they are to comment on it. Why? I think because it takes less effort and as a society we are becoming worse and worse at communicating and expressing ourselves.

What do you make of this?

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Eliminate the BS in Your Life

No Comments 27 October 2011

I’ve been on the internet for about 15 years. 11 years as a website designer. 8 years doing social media marketing. A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same.

Imagine this.

You’re in a room with one other person. You can focus your attention on them and have a great, deep, meaningful conversation with them.

Add a second person to that room. You can still have a good conversation with the other 2 but if they start talking about something you’re not interested in, you start to lose interest.

Add another person to that room.

And another.

Add 800 million.

You now have Facebook.

And Twitter.

And Linkedin.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been using them for so long. But I feel like I’m not alone in this thinking. There are so many blog posts, news articles, quotes, pictures, etc shared everyday that after a while, it all becomes bullshit. What is it really doing for us? What is it doing to us?

I realize I’m contributing to this BS by writing this post. But it’s my hopes by writing this post that I can connect with you and help you realize just how much of the other stuff really is BS. And that you can work to eliminate some of that in your life.

You will feel more free. Breathe a little easier. Enjoy your conversations with your friends more.

Try it out. I’ve done quite a bit in the past while.

I unfollowed 1,000 people on Twitter.

I’m combining our company’s facebook pages so we only will be using one instead of 20+.

I’m sharing less content than I have in the past and the content I do share, I make sure that it’s useful.

Here’s a great quote about BS. It really says it all to me – there is far too much ego on Twitter and Facebook. Too many people think that they’re relevant, creative, cutting edge. Instead of saying you are, JUST DO IT. Seriously. It’s BS when you just talk, talk, talk and don’t do anything. There are many people like that. If you’re one of them, PLEASE STOP IT. Phew.

I find that we all get more legendary as time goes by. “Legend” means, basically, “bullshit.”

How do you eliminate BS in your life?

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There is Simply Too Much – Charities, Technology and Stuff

2 Comments 30 August 2011

I need to rant for a second.

I’m so tired of all the charities/foundations that are being created. There seems to be a run/fundraiser every weekend and with the report from the CBC that the Canadian Cancer Society spent more money on fundraising than on research (view it here) – and that is after mesothelioma explained and the rest of vital information found, – when is this going to stop? Seriously. I just heard about Septembeard which dilutes all the hard work Movember has done to build their brand.

Why can’t we have 1 charity per cause instead of there being so many and spreading the resources so thin?

I was lucky enough to attend TEDxCalgary in 2010 and heard a presentation called The Pendulum of Marketing given by Michael Drew ( The video might be blocked in your country but the basic idea is that every 40 years or so, there is a cycle of human behaviour and as is clearly obvious, we’re in a very civic cycle where everyone wants to help out and give back to their community. As you can well imagine, people will eventually grow tired of this cycle and we will then move back into a phase where we will be more focused on ourselves and more frugal with our time and our energy. It’s going to come to a head – look at how inundated we are with technology – everyone is always on their cell phones so much that we have to come out with a law that prevents people from being on their phone while driving. Most of us are guilty of this and the people I’ve met who never have also apply that strict moral judgement in other areas of their lives and are better off for it.

When we’re out with a friend eating dinner, what does it say to them if we’re on our phone txting someone else? Is it not the same thing if we were talking to someone at another table instead of talking to our friend? And if we consider them different, perhaps that’s the problem. Do we think there are different levels of awareness and it’s better to give our friend 10% of our attention instead of 0%. Well I’ll tell you what, it’s not.

We need to start taking back our time. Perhaps I’m falling into this cycle myself as I’m already moving into the next cycle but I’ve had enough. I’ve done Movember, I’ve done the Relay for Life. They are all well meaning charities run by passionate, amazing people. But there are just too many and they’re not effective in what they’re aiming to do.

Let’s take back our lives and realize that we need to start putting ourselves first because if we don’t, then we’re going to lose ourselves.

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. – Janis Joplin

It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to be selfish. Realize what’s important. Realize what you love. And surround yourself with that.


Do not let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do

No Comments 29 November 2010

One of my favourite quotes.

What it means to me:

There are things that you can do really well.

There are things that you cannot do very well.

Focus on those things that you can do really well and make it your goal to get ever better at those things.

The things that you can’t do very well – work to get better at them but your life will be much more rewarding if you are amazing at a few things instead of mediocre at many things.

Case in point – I would rather be amazing at 3 sports than pretty good at 6 sports. It lets my passion shine through more completely and I will achieve much more.

Think about those things you’re really good at – how much are you making them your focus?

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For Those Who “Hate” Bands/Types of Music

No Comments 09 April 2010

Everyone I know listens to music and loves at least one genre. There are also many people who hate certain types of music (some examples of people I know are country and heavy metal haters). But that doesn’t mean that any certain type of music is “bad”. And, for popular artists (ie Nickelback, Celine Dion) I always find it interesting when people say that they hate them because they’re “bad”. Or that all of Nickelback’s songs sound the same. Or that other people don’t know good music.

Well, I think those people are foolish and silly.  Who can really say if a band as big as Nickelback is bad? They’re not. Millions of people love them (myself included). There aren’t any bands that I “hate”. Rarely can you find a band/type of music who I won’t listen to. I appreciate them for what they are – artists. They are doing what they love to do and there are many of them who are really good at what they do.

I give props to anyone who writes music, performs in front of thousands of people, produces an album, etc. They exist as they do because they entertain us and some of them do it so well that they are very very rich. Who wouldn’t want to do what they love and make a lot of money from it? I certainly wouldn’t complain.

I just find it really tiring, annoying and a waste for when people have so much hatred for something. If you really don’t like something that much, don’t waste energy “hating” them/it. Use that energy in a positive way and direct it towards doing something good or spending your time doing something you love.

Just a suggestion for all you “haters”.

It’s much more fun loving something than hating something.

And much more rewarding.

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But…I’m Busy…Riiight

No Comments 21 December 2008

So we’ve all heard this line from friends/someone we’re interested in:

I’d really like to do something this week but I’m just too busy…

And then you hear that over and over again. Well, I call bullshit. Obviously. If someone is so busy that they can’t make time for you (which they can) then it means they really don’t want to. So forget about that person and move on.

When people complain that they’re so busy that they don’t have time to see family or friends, then really how much does seeing those family and friends mean to that person?

When we live close to our friends or family (the ones that will always be there for us) we tend to see them less than if they lived far away from us. If our family lives a flight away, it takes more of an effort and more planning and so it’s more important to make that effor to see them. However, when they live close to us, we figure that we can see them whenever we want so we don’t have to try as hard and many times, many weeks or months will go by without seeing them. Many people do this. It’s nothing new.

But I think what is important is that we realize who is important in our lives and make more of an effort to include them in our regular life plan. Make an effort to see them every few weeks. Make an effort to call them. When our short term friends have all left our lives, our best friends and family will still be by our side.

Think about it. And instead of telling someone you’re too busy…be honest with them. Tell them that the relationship isn’t going anywhere and you don’t want to spend any more time or effort on it. Unless you both want to be friends in which case make an effort to include them in your regular life plan. It’s not hard. It’s best to be honest. Some feelings may be hurt yes. But honesty is the best policy.

Caveat to that:

One could consider it being honest when someone says that they are “too busy” to hang out. Busy doing other things that don’t involve you. So don’t take it personally. Really it’s better when someone tells you early on that they’re aren’t interested in you like that. Saves you both a lot of time, effort and money. Enough of this playing games bullshit. If you’re not into someone and they can’t figure it out, save them the pain and tell them. Don’t lead them on just because you can. That’s what maturity is all about.

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Election Campaign Monies

No Comments 23 January 2007

So I’m going to keep this short, but here goes:

Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, there was a report on the 2008 presidential campaign, and the reporter made a statement to the effect that in order for a candidate to have a chance at running, they would need to fundraise at least $100 million. There was also a comment made that some of the candidates would be raising close to $300 million. more here

A few stories later, there was a report on New Orleans and how the city is doing 16 months later. And it’s not good. Although the city has applied for more than $300 million in aid from FEMA, they have only received about 1/3 of that funding. Apparently the discrepancy is due to errors in the city’s application, but knowing they need that much money, and having seen the story above about the amount of money that the presidential candidate will be raising makes me sick. Why doesn’t the US government pledge to give more money to New Orleans and Louisiana in general instead of pledging to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq? It seems like we have all of our priorities backwards.

In Philosophy we are learning about the theory of Consequentialism, and soon about Deontology. Basically, consequentialism says that one makes decisions based on what is for the good of the people involved. So, if killing one person meant that 5 would be saved, and saving 1 meant that 6 would be killed, then we should kill that one person. We should live a life where we make decisions that are for the good of humankind. But, everyday there are contradictions to this belief all over the world. In theory, this is a great belief, but in order for it to work, everyone has to live by it. If not everyone lives by it, then it won’t be feasible. Instead, although a few will be making good decisions, a few will be living selfishly and constantly hurt those who are trying to live for the good of humankind.

On the weekend, Sheena and I watched Al Gore’s movie, A Inconvenient Truth. It’s awesome. It’s awesome in a scary, sickening, painfully truthful way. Gore has been saying essentially the same thing for 30 years, and really, how many people have been listening? How would the US, and for that matter, the world be any different had he been elected as president in the place of Bush? I’d like to believe that he would have focused more on the environment, and what we are doing instead of what other countries are doing. I realize that we have to proactive and the US is great for that; who knows, had they not done anything about Iraq, maybe Saddam would have done something. In any case, the issues that really matter, the issues that will guide our future existence on this planet, the issues that we know the least about are the issues that we are spending the least amount of time, money, and press on.

In my opinion, we (as a people) should be focusing on the following issues:

1) Space – there is life out there. When we do find it, it will be the single largest discovery in the history of the world. We mustn’t give up because there have been accidents. Read Michael Crichton’s new book “Next” and you may just see my point of view, or at least understand where I’m coming from.

2) Ocean – along the same lines as space, I believe that we need to explore the oceans more. Who knows just what they hold? And after all, 75% of the world is covered in water, and like 95% of that is salt water, which is not potable, so we need to also focus research on extracting the salt from the water.

3) Global Warming – as mentioned above, watch “An Inconvenient Truth” and read “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton. This issue is very real. This issue won’t be solved overnight. And if we don’t do something about it soon, then soon it will be too late.

4) Overconsumption – this has many facets, but the one that comes to mind is the theory of 80/20; 20% of the population consumes 80% of the resources. This is true in North America. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, or don’t think it’s really that big of an issue, then take a trip to the US. Notice how many fast food restaurants there are the next time you’re driving. Take notice how many vehicles there are on the roads. We are very quickly moving away from a people that is becoming so lazy that we would love to save a few seconds in the most trivial of tasks (why else do people do the things they do when they drive? – i.e. eating breakfast, reading the paper, putting on makeup?). Soon everything that we do in a day will be automated, and will require such little effort from us that we will feel very useless in the average day. More and more people are developing diseases (diabetes, heart disease) from what we eat, and what we don’t do (exercise, eat healthy). It’s very simple. Eat better, and exercise. Yet, many people think that only one of those will work. Some think that if they eat crap food, but exercise all the time, then they will be fine. That’s false. Some think that if they eat healthy food, but don’t exercise, then they will be fine. That’s also false. If you had to pick one, obviously it’s better to eat healthy than to not exercise, but everyone has the time and the ability to do both. They just need to cut out the less important things – watching tv, playing video games, watching movies, shopping, etc.

5) Less drugs – every so often, when I’m up really late at night, I’ll stumble across an infomercial about the book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About” and other books from the same author. What’s amazing to me, and I believe this guy, is that he promotes healing through the use of everything but drugs from people like Tylenol, Advil, or Aspirin. From what I gathered from his responses, much of the cures are simply eating healthy food. And think about it. Why would any doctor want there to exist a cure for cancer, diabetes, MS, AIDS, and Alzheimer’s Disease among others. Why they wouldn’t want there to be a cure is because? if everyone is healed, then that means a lot less sick people, and a lot less doctors would be needed. Also, drug companies for sure wouldn’t want there to be any cures for the diseases that their drugs are supposed to treat because in that case they would be out of business. It’s late, and I’m headed for bed, and I could definitely go on about this issue for a long time, but for now, I will leave it at that.

We as a people have come a long way, but we also have a long way to go. The only way we can change is to think about what we see, hear, and read. In this way, we can all evolve as a species together, and help each other out. True, this is more of a communistic view, where everyone is equal but we can all do our part. As a whole, we have much more power than a single person.

Think about it.
That is all.

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