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Interstellar is a Must See Movie

No Comments 15 November 2014

Not often do I watch a movie that makes me feel sometimes opposite emotions but after watching Interstellar, I can say that it made me cry, laugh, be confused, be inspired, be hopeful and be amazed. Interstellar is easily one of my top 10 movies. Easily. I won’t tell you much about it because honestly I can’t do it justice. It’s worth watching and taking from it what you will based on your own past experiences and knowledge. From reading some sci fi novels, much of the movie made sense to me – especially the parts about space time – but it was everything else that made my mind explode with fascination. The possibilities of mankind and of the universe, which as you’ll see in this movie, are very much tied together. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you thought of it once you’ve had a chance to watch it.

Also, there is a game for Android devices:

Check out this great blog post on TED Ed explaining the science behind Interstellar:

And more science explained through an infographic from

And if you are an educator, they have lesson plans that link together with the movie to help enhance your classroom’s knowledge of the universe including learning about Morse code, designing their own planet, how far away things are and much more. It’s definitely worth checking out here:


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Audio Books Are Great For Road Trips

1 Comment 04 November 2014

This year compared to any other in my life has seen me on the road more than ever. From January 1 – October 1, I was home for a total of about 5 weeks. It was hard being away from home, driving tens of thousands of miles, most of them by myself. When I’m on the road, with my own vehicle, I love listening to my XM satellite radio. BPM, 90’s on 9, AltNation, Faction and Raw Dog Comedy have taken me to many faraway places and provided me many hours of entertainment.

However, sometimes I will tire of music or if I’m in a rental car, I won’t have XM so aside from putting music on my phone or bringing cd’s, what are my options?

Well, about 4 months ago, I starting looking into Audio Books. I’ve avoided buying a Kindle or other ereader (including buying books and reading it on my phone, which is basically a small tablet – Samsung Note 3) because I don’t like reading on a tech device – I still prefer books. Although books aren’t the most convenient when traveling due to space limitations and they take up a lot of shelf space at home (my den has become my frisbee and book room), I cannot read while driving so audio books just made sense.

I checked out a few apps but the clear winner for me was Audible. Not only is it free to join, but every month they give you 1 credit which is good for a free audio book. They regularly run promotions and many of their titles are frequently on sale so if you don’t want to pay full price for a book (or avoid paying entirely, it’s easy to do so).

I wanted to also explore new books and avoid getting the audio book version of books I already owned. In searching around, I stumbled upon Douglas Preston, who is a sci fi author, with a huge collection of titles. I also checked out a new Stephen King book I hadn’t heard of and found out another series by Janet Evanovich, which seems to have potential based on the first book I listened to her.

I have also found that as much as I enjoy a certain author, I also really enjoy a certain narrator. So far, my favourite narrators are Scott SowersDavid Colacci and Scott Brick.

I will be updating this post with all of the books I have currently listened to while on the road (and more recently, listening to while doing cardio) and for the books I really loved, I will be writing individual reviews because let’s face it – a good book ignites your imagination and you can’t put the book down (or in this case, turn the speakers off).

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