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You Get What You Give

1 Comment 31 October 2012

Be giving of yourself to the person you are with.

What you give to them, you will get back. If you give love, you will get love back. If you give hate, you will get hate back.

Step out of yourself.

Be giving.

Be unselfish.

Take an interest in what other people are doing.

If you want to be someone’s priority, if you want love, respect, loyalty…you have to be giving of these things.

You get what you give.

Relationships, Thoughts

Honesty is the Best Policy…Or is it?

1 Comment 25 October 2012

The good thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to think and can just tell it like it is.

The bad thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to think and can sometimes say too much.

So how much is too much? And when should you only tell a part of the truth?

Many times, I’ve said too much. I believe in always being honest. Obviously there are white lies (is the Easter Bunny real) but c’mon now, we’re all adults. I’ve told my dad things I shouldn’t have told him. Because I’m honest. Sometimes I cause him unnecessary worry. Sometimes I cause him unnecessary grief. Sometimes I just plain bug him. But I’m always honest with him. There’s no reason not to be. Telling someone a lie takes effort – you have to come up with a story, or in many cases the opposite of what is the truth (no instead of yes). I’ve also had a potential relationship end because I was too honest. I told her more than I should have. But when someone asks me a question, I will answer it. I have nothing to hide so why not tell them the truth? Sometimes the truth is shocking, Sometimes the truth is more than that person can handle. But in the end, if you are real and are always honest, I think that will be the best policy.

I really like this quotation by Charles Dickens:

To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.

I care deeply. I love fully. There are things in my past which I am not proud of. But they are a part of my past. And they helped me get to where I am today. There was a 10 year period in my life where I was grieving for my mom – from when she passed away on May 17, 2001 up until about January 2011 – where I did things that I never thought I’d do. I was trying to find myself. I was trying to find meaning in my life. I was trying to feel something. When I was finally able to move past the pain and be myself, I looked at those situations and realized how much pain I must have been in to have done that. But I am stronger today for those experiences. I am constantly learning and growing. But I am a passionate soul who wants to be happy. And so I will be myself and be open and honest. And hope that those who care about me accept me for me.

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Davy Whippet and Rob McLeod – Canine Disc Champions

No Comments 20 October 2012

Davy Whippet and I did it! Almost 18 years to the day that Mark Molnar and Cheyenne Whippet set the Distance to Canine Catch World Record at 390 feet, Davy Whippet and I broke that record with a catch at 402 feet, which makes Davy the first dog to catch a disc over 400 feet.

Since we first started competing together (and actually met for the first time in August of 2011), we’ve had quite a bit of success including:

  • 2 Skyhoundz World Records
  • Quadruped World Record
  • 3 Skyhoundz World Championships
  • 2012 Quadruped Series Champions
  • WFDF/Guinness World Record
  • multiple appearances for pro sports teams, community events and youth programs

I first got the idea last fall that Davy and I could break the long standing record after winning worlds with Davy and wondering just how far we could push the limit of throwing and catching to a dog. I realized that too often I wasn’t able to out-throw Davy so naturally I wanted to know what would it take to out-throw him (and also, how far could he run and still catch the disc).

In chronological order, here are the results from all of the competitions and demos where Davy and I have been a team, including which disc was used:

92 yards – Uncas, Alberta, Skyhoundz Regional Qualifier, New Skyhoundz World Record (Hyperflite Comp Standard)

72.2 yards – Chattanooga, Tennessee, Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance World Championships (Hyperflite Comp Standard)

101.3 yards – Houston, Texas, Houston Quadruped, New Quadruped World Record (Hero Xtra 235 Distance)

114 yards – St. Albert, Alberta, Rainmaker Rodeo demo (Hero Xtra 235 Distance)

94 yards – Lawrence, Kansas, Kansas Quadruped (Hero Xtra 235 Distance)

80 yards & 89 yards – Thorhild, Alberta, Skyhoundz Regional Qualifier (Hero Xtra 235 Distance & Hero SuperHero)

116.5 yards – Denver, Colorado, Denver Quadruped, New Quadruped World Record (Hero Xtra 235 Distance)

122 yards – Calgary, Alberta, WFDF World Record Attempt (Innova Condor)

94 yards & 97 yards – Chattanooga, Tennessee, Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance World Championships, 2 New Skyhoundz World Records (Hero Xtra 235 Distance & Hero SuperHero)

134 yards – Thorhild, Alberta, New WFDF Distance to Canine Catch World Record (Innova Condor)

Since setting the record, I’ve been asked by quite a few people what’s next for Davy and I. For now, I just want to focus on sharing the video of our record, getting as much press coverage as I can for it and just take it day by day. When  I first set out, I was hoping to set the record but now that I have, it’s still sinking in. It’s still taking time to absorb what we did. I honestly don’t know what exactly is next for Davy and I other than Quadruped and Skyhoundz competitions next year. If someone challenges our record and is successful, then we will obviously defend our record. I know we can get a catch over 140 yards, maybe even over 150 so our focus for the next few months is getting Davy more fit and faster and go from there. It’s an exciting time for Davy and I and I just want to share this record with the people who have supported me, who love me and who cheer for me.


About Rob

Rob "Frisbee Rob" McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He competes in ultimate, disc golf, dog disc and overall flying disc competitions. Rob currently holds 6 Guinness World Records, 10 World Championships and the Canadian Distance Record.


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