Often He Who Does Too Much Does Too Little

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So whatever you do…do it well.

Don’t get pulled in so many directions that you don’t have time to focus on any one area.

Know what matters to you. Give it your proper attention. Know what your goals are. Work towards them. And when you get distracted or something/someone gets in your way and pulls you off course, realize that your goals and dreams are what is important in your life.

As Steve Jobs said:

That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

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Families Are Like Fudge – Mostly Sweet With a Few Nuts

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In honour of the holiday season, give your family (and friends) a hug. Enjoy the time you have with them – you never know when you might not have them around again.

Be safe. Be healthy. And be thankful.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all that 🙂

And enjoy one of my favourite Christmas songs – Happy Xmas by John Lennon.

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A Recap of My Guinness Trip to Beijing – Dec 2011

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Last week I flew to Beijing, China to attempt a new Guinness World Record – “most targets hit in one minute with a flying disc (frisbee)“. Guinness set a minimum requirement of 20 targets hit and although I was close on my 2nd attempt with 16 targets, I was not successful in establishing a new Guinness World Record.

That happened on Saturday night and to say I was upset is expressing it lightly. I was crushed. I felt like my friends, my family and my fans were going to disappointed since I hadn’t set the record. I felt that everything I had done up to that point didn’t mean much since I wasn’t able to perform when it counted most.

But, as the seconds turned into minutes turned into hours turned into a few days, I’ve been able to look back and see the good in all of this.

First of all, I got a free trip to China (and was paid for my appearance) and my dad also had his trip paid for. How sweet is that? I also:

Got to spend the most time I’ve had with my dad in years

Robert McLeod, Cliff McLeod

Got to spend a few hours on the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Met Anthony Kelly, who holds many Guinness World Records and travels all over the world (such as Most Tennis Balls Caught in 1 Hour, and he has also caught an arrow while blindfolded!)

Robert McLeod, Anthony Kelly

Met Peter Rosendahl, who also holds many Guinness World Records and has been to more than 55 countries (such as Fastest 100m on a Unicycle – 11 seconds, and Most Skips in 1 minute with a unicycle)

Rob McLeod, Peter Rosendahl

Met 2 guys from Storm Freerun team,  Tim “Livewire” Shieff and Jan “Jashman” Barcikowski (they freerun with Damien Walters!!)

Tim Shieff, Rob McLeod, Jan Barcikowski

Met Liz and Rob, the 2 Guinness officials from the UK, who were awesome and super supportive

Guinness World Record Officials

Met Cathy from CCTV, who set the whole thing up for me and flew my dad and I over

Cathy from CCTV, Rob McLeod

Went to the Hongqiao Pearl Market and bought some “good fakes” (a watch, headphones and a flash drive)

Stuff from the Pearl Market

Got to see a new culture and experience history that is many times older than Canada

So, if you look at my trip to Beijing with the sole intention to set a Guinness World Record, then yes, I failed. However, to do so would be shortsighted because the opportunities and knowledge I gained from failing are worth more than had I achieved the record.

The setup of the world record was actually not done properly so I will be filming an attempt in the next few weeks – if successful, I will be submitting to the Guinness officials who will award me a World Record. I also didn’ t know there would be a minimum requirement so that was a surprise. I’m glad Guinness is giving me the opportunity to give it another attempt and I will not disappoint this time!

I am going to be working with Anthony and Peter and hope to do more Guinness shows in countries like Italy, India and possibly China again.

I had a very difficult time Saturday night trying to digest everything that comes with not being successful at achieving something. But I’ve realized that I will have many more attempts at World Records and not every attempt can be successful. All I can do is make sure that I’m as prepared as possible and that everything I can control is done properly (like the setup of the World Record, which I will make sure of next time).

I want to thank all of my friends, family and fans for your support these past few weeks and I look forward to sharing with you my Guinness World Record when I am successful. I will keep you posted on the progress of my attempt and will share videos and pictures with you from that event.

I look forward to going for coffee with my friends and telling you all about my trip. I have many more planned so I know this is just the beginning. It’s opened my eyes to what is truly possible when you do what you are passionate about.


In the Pursuit of Passion

9 Comments 23 November 2011

I’ve been struggling the past few days with the concept of following your passion. In the pursuit, you will gain so much in return but the journey will also be very lonely since you will be doing much of it on your own.

I’ve been discovering just how lonely this pursuit can be. I don’t go out drinking with friends. I practice for hours on my own. I go on long trips by myself. From the outside, people see my accomplishments and are proud of me and are happy for me. But what they don’t see is just how much you have to give up in order to achieve something.

I’ve always loved sports and most of those sports were team sports. You achieved something together – you could celebrate victory together or mourn defeat together. But, when you choose to go out on your own and do what you truly love, who is there to cheer you along and celebrate with you?

I am starting to see why celebrities and athletes at the top of their game will do things that others deem wrong. When you do so much great, it’s a hard fall on those down times. The highs are very high and the lows are very low.

I’ve had a few things in the back of my mind. One is a quote and the other is a scene from a movie.

The quote is:

It’s ok to think about what you want to do…until it’s time to start doing what you were meant to do.

I’ve always known what I wanted to do. Play sports. That’s never been a question in my mind. But as to what I’m meant to do – I don’t know. I feel like the past 10 1/2 years I’ve been floating around sort of lost. Losing my mom in 2001 was the hardest thing that could have ever happened to me. I feel like the past year I’ve finally been able to start feeling more “normal” again but it’s a very difficult process to go through something so sudden, so unexpectedly and at such a young age (I was only 18).

The scene from a movie is from Men in Black:

Kay walks over to Dee, who sits sullenly. Dee says that it didn’t use to happen. He looks up at the stars and says that they’re beautiful. Accepting his imminent retirement, he tells Kay that he’ll miss the chase, Kay gives him presents for retired dads because that was what he was for him. Kay puts on his sunglasses, sets the neuralizer to 1961, and replies, “No Dee, you won’t”, and then flashes the neuralizer.

Have you had a  moment like that before? When you look up at the stars and see beyond them – realize that there is so much more out there that you’re capable of and could be doing? Or do you look up, see them for their beauty and go back to your life, being happy in what you’re doing?

I tend to overthink but at the same time, it’s gotten me where I am so I don’t regret it.

However, I’m curious how you approach moments like this in your life?


Worry About Now and Later Will Take Care of Itself

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Too many times people worry about the future. If I do *something*, how will that affect the future. Well, we cannot predict the future. We can only do what makes us happy in the present and believe that it will all work out.

I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following. – Mohandas Gandhi

I may not believe in God but I do believe in smart people and good quotes.

If we do today what we love doing then tomorrow will be filled with more of the same.

If we worry about what we can do tomorrow to be happy, then we will always feel that we’re missing something in today.

Be happy today.


If You Want To Be Happy, Be

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What a simple thought.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you want to be happy, be.

It really can be that easy.

Do what you love.

Love what you do.

And just be.

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Eliminate the BS in Your Life

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I’ve been on the internet for about 15 years. 11 years as a website designer. 8 years doing social media marketing. A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same.

Imagine this.

You’re in a room with one other person. You can focus your attention on them and have a great, deep, meaningful conversation with them.

Add a second person to that room. You can still have a good conversation with the other 2 but if they start talking about something you’re not interested in, you start to lose interest.

Add another person to that room.

And another.

Add 800 million.

You now have Facebook.

And Twitter.

And Linkedin.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been using them for so long. But I feel like I’m not alone in this thinking. There are so many blog posts, news articles, quotes, pictures, etc shared everyday that after a while, it all becomes bullshit. What is it really doing for us? What is it doing to us?

I realize I’m contributing to this BS by writing this post. But it’s my hopes by writing this post that I can connect with you and help you realize just how much of the other stuff really is BS. And that you can work to eliminate some of that in your life.

You will feel more free. Breathe a little easier. Enjoy your conversations with your friends more.

Try it out. I’ve done quite a bit in the past while.

I unfollowed 1,000 people on Twitter.

I’m combining our company’s facebook pages so we only will be using one instead of 20+.

I’m sharing less content than I have in the past and the content I do share, I make sure that it’s useful.

Here’s a great quote about BS. It really says it all to me – there is far too much ego on Twitter and Facebook. Too many people think that they’re relevant, creative, cutting edge. Instead of saying you are, JUST DO IT. Seriously. It’s BS when you just talk, talk, talk and don’t do anything. There are many people like that. If you’re one of them, PLEASE STOP IT. Phew.

I find that we all get more legendary as time goes by. “Legend” means, basically, “bullshit.”

How do you eliminate BS in your life?


What Will You Let Your Fear Teach You?

No Comments 18 October 2011

I wanted to share with you 3 great quotes on fear. We’ve all been there. I’m there right now with certain elements of my life. I was there last night and ended up having a nightmare based on that fear. But I’ve learned that it’s trying to tell me something. What are you going to let your fear teach you?

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.
Dale Carnegie

Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not.
Virgil Thomson

When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

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The theme of a lot of my posts have been about choosing a path based on what you love doing. If you love sports, then surround yourself with sports people, play sports, watch sports, etc. The time you put in if you are following your heart will come back many times over. I’ve seen it happen and I’m living proof of that.

I can’t tell you how many books or videos I’ve consumed that all speak to this notion but the one that stands out in my mind, the video that puts it so simply and the video that embodies what I believe is the Steve Jobs commencement speect at Stanford in 2005.

You can’t always know if what you’re doing is right – you just have to have faith. Looking back it will make sense. Job’s calls it “connecting the dots”. And with that, enjoy the video:

Full transcript of the speech:

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There is Simply Too Much – Charities, Technology and Stuff

2 Comments 30 August 2011

I need to rant for a second.

I’m so tired of all the charities/foundations that are being created. There seems to be a run/fundraiser every weekend and with the report from the CBC that the Canadian Cancer Society spent more money on fundraising than on research (view it here) – and that is after mesothelioma explained and the rest of vital information found, – when is this going to stop? Seriously. I just heard about Septembeard which dilutes all the hard work Movember has done to build their brand.

Why can’t we have 1 charity per cause instead of there being so many and spreading the resources so thin?

I was lucky enough to attend TEDxCalgary in 2010 and heard a presentation called The Pendulum of Marketing given by Michael Drew ( The video might be blocked in your country but the basic idea is that every 40 years or so, there is a cycle of human behaviour and as is clearly obvious, we’re in a very civic cycle where everyone wants to help out and give back to their community. As you can well imagine, people will eventually grow tired of this cycle and we will then move back into a phase where we will be more focused on ourselves and more frugal with our time and our energy. It’s going to come to a head – look at how inundated we are with technology – everyone is always on their cell phones so much that we have to come out with a law that prevents people from being on their phone while driving. Most of us are guilty of this and the people I’ve met who never have also apply that strict moral judgement in other areas of their lives and are better off for it.

When we’re out with a friend eating dinner, what does it say to them if we’re on our phone txting someone else? Is it not the same thing if we were talking to someone at another table instead of talking to our friend? And if we consider them different, perhaps that’s the problem. Do we think there are different levels of awareness and it’s better to give our friend 10% of our attention instead of 0%. Well I’ll tell you what, it’s not.

We need to start taking back our time. Perhaps I’m falling into this cycle myself as I’m already moving into the next cycle but I’ve had enough. I’ve done Movember, I’ve done the Relay for Life. They are all well meaning charities run by passionate, amazing people. But there are just too many and they’re not effective in what they’re aiming to do.

Let’s take back our lives and realize that we need to start putting ourselves first because if we don’t, then we’re going to lose ourselves.

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got. – Janis Joplin

It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to be selfish. Realize what’s important. Realize what you love. And surround yourself with that.

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Are You a Dreamer, a Doer or Both?

No Comments 26 August 2011

One of my favourite quotes is from George Bernard Shaw:

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?'”

This is a huge theme of my life – dreaming. My favourite movie is Rudy, a true story about a kid who dreamed about playing football at Notre Dame, and achieved his dream when he got to play 1 play in the final game of his final year.

Now, in life there are people who dream (like Rudy) and there are people who do (like many people who work 8-5, Monday to Friday). Everyone can dream but too many people don’t because they’re too afraid of not being able to reach their dreams. So what do they do? They try to fit their dreams into their current life instead of working to make their current life match their dreams.

Well I like to live with both a dreamer’s and a doer’s mentality. I’ll admit I often look at things that are and ask “Why” but I’m also quick to ask “Why not”. I don’t care if something has been tried before – there’s usually a reason it didn’t work the first time. Once that reason is known, why not try again?

And the nature of my passion (disc sports – ultimate, disc golf, distance, self caught flight, dog disc, etc) allows me to often dream of something and ask “Why not?” And the beauty of it is that I can actually do something that hasn’t been done (or hasn’t been done for more than 25 years).

Sometimes it’s a solitary pursuit and many people don’t get my passion but looking back over the past 11 years, I realize that I am who I am today because of frisbee and I know that when I look back on my life 11 years from now, I’ll be glad I made the decision to make frisbee such a big part of my life. I know that the more I do, the more I will inspire and amaze people and that is what keeps me going. To know that there is a chance others can share in my love for frisbee even a little bit is an incredible feeling.

So I ask you – are you a dreamer, a doer, or both?

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Good Times with Good People – MNSCyyc #5

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Tonight was the 3rd Monday Night Supper Club I’ve attended in Calgary and they really do keep getting better. I say that because it’s all about the people. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing – if you’re around good people you will enjoy yourself much more.

And tonight, I was around some great people. I’m still getting to know them – it’s an interesting thing when you show up to a dinner party having only met 1 person in real life, and having only briefly talked to some of the others on Twitter or Facebook.

Every week I look forward to connecting with my new friends more and finding out more about each of them.

As you know, I love quotes so I wanted to throw this one out there which was very fitting for today:

If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.

Today was indeed a great day. I’m glad I went and I realize that work will always be there and needing to be done so make time for what really matters.

And tonight that was my friends from the Monday Night Supper Club (#MNSCyyc).

Oh and we also threw light up frisbees once it was dark. That was pretty rad.

Thanks again to








Just Be Yourself

No Comments 02 August 2011

If I’ve learned anything through all of my different experiences in life, it’s very simply this: just be yourself. No matter what we choose to do, who we choose to be with or how we choose to spend 0ur time, ultimately the best choice we can make is that which makes us happy, that which we enjoy doing and that, which is at our core, who we really are.

I think this quote sums it up quite nicely:

Why live to please others? I mean, it’s your life. If you aren’t happy with it, what’s the use in living?

There are many paths we can choose to take but there is only one which will be the one that brings us the most happiness and joy in our lives, and that’s the path which is our own. No matter what that is.

Think about it.

There are some pretty sweet jobs: rockstar, professional athlete, professional dancer, etc…but the one which is best for you is the one which brings you the most joy. So choose your job wisely.

There are lots of great people in this world but the ones who will bring you the most joy and be the best people in your lives are the ones who truly care about you. So choose your friends wisely.

There are some pretty great hobbies: dancing, golf, ultimate, skiing, biking, etc…but the ones which you will find the most enjoyment in are usually the ones you are best at and get the most out of for yourself. So choose your hobbies wisely.

I think you get what I’m saying. Be yourself. Dammit, just be yourself.

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Day 3 – World Cup Soccer, Pozole, Ultimate + a Mexican Car Wash

No Comments 14 July 2011

Monday was already sort of pre planned based on the soccer game being suspended from the night before but I also had a few things to do so it was more laid back than some of the other days.

The soccer game started at 10am and it begin at 0-0 with no time played; based on what we were told the night before, the game was going to restart with Denmark leading 1-0 and 25 minutes having been played. However, this was not the case and so I digress. Around the 35th minute, Denmark scored to again take a 1-0 lead. This game mattered because if Denmark won, they would advance. A draw or an Australian win meant Australia would advance. The game was pretty good – lots of chances from both sides but I felt that Denmark held the edge in chances (and obviously in score). However, there were some dirty plays which affected the moods of both teams but I felt that Denmark got more frustrated and inevitably, Australia finally scored – with 1 minute left to play. It was a great goal and followed some drama from a Danish player going down in front of the Australia net – he stayed on the ground although he wasn’t hurt, the ball moved to the opposite side of the field, and Australia scored to have the game end in a 1-1 draw and so they advanced. Compared to Sunday, the crowd was just a fraction – maybe 1,000 compared to 25,000 the night before so it was definitely much more quiet than it could have been. All in all, a good game.

After that, I got some work done and then Victor and I went and threw for an hour up by where Jose bought his house. Nice spot with a good view of the city – the grass space we threw on was a bit weird – it felt like they have just thrown some sod on top of a parking lot but there was a good crosswind so we got to work on our wind throws quite a bit.

After that, we headed for a Malaki UFC practice which lasted around 3 hours. Before the practice, there was some excitement as Victor’s car got stuck in some mud. Just after we pushed him out, Alejandro pulled up and proceeded to get stuck as well. Needless to say, both of their cars were covered in mud so after practice, we headed out to a car wash to get Victor’s car cleaned up. Well, that was quite the experience. Not only are the car washes in Queretaro much cheaper than Canada ($4 compared to $10) but they also wash your car for you while you wait. I thought that was neat as it created jobs for people where there normally wouldn’t be one (at least not that I’ve seen in Canada really).

After the car wash, we headed out for some food and I got my first taste of Pozole, which is a traditional soup passed on from the Aztecs. The pozole was delicious (and not as spicy as I was expecting – or maybe I was just better handling the spice than I expected) and I also had some enchiladas which were also delicious.

The third day was busy but a nice break compared to some of the other days of my trip. It’s always nice when you can do such a variety of activities and end the day with some delicious food!

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Where Do I Go From Here?

No Comments 01 July 2011

I will be flying back to Canada on Monday after having spent 10 days in Queretaro and truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. However, there’s been a lot to absorb so I’ve been asking myself what do I do with all of the new knowledge and perspective I’ve gained? I will blog about the other days of my trip – for now the pictures will have to do as I have a lot of reflecting to do before I put some more thoughts down in words.

I went searching for a few quotes which would try to put into words how I am feeling and found some great ones:

People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped.

The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.

The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.

There’s an alternative.  There’s always a third way, and it’s not a combination of the other two ways.  It’s a different way.

A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.

I know that this trip has changed my life forever. It’s helped me appreciate a few major things: we work too much in Canada, we don’t spend enough time with our friends + family, we don’t appreciate the history of our country as much as we should and there is so much food that is bad for us.

I know that I can make some changes right away. Others will take a bit of an adjustment. I’m not afraid of change. I’ve had the worst and the best happen to me in my life and I’ve come out stronger for it; however, that doesn’t make it easy to change. It just means I’m willing to.

I appreciate all the energy + support you have all shown me for going on this trip. I truly feel blessed and know that I have made some great friends. As Victor’s mom said, I now have a second house – in Queretaro, Mexico.

I look forward to catching up with you and telling you all about this trip. And I now look forward to hearing more about your trips as well – it’s something I didn’t give much credit to before; but that’s changed.

Thinking of you all,

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Day 2: Fresh Fruit, Ultimate, Tequila + Tacos

2 Comments 27 June 2011

When I woke up Saturday, I had no idea what an amazing day I would have.

I’m staying with Victor and his family – so his parents, him and his 2 brothers and their bird who sings a lot. I love their house – it’s wide open, gets lots of sunlight and is in a great neighbourhood which is close to everything. They differentiate between a grocery store and a supermarket – grocery store is more where fresh fruit is sold and is for the neighbourhood and the supermarket is much bigger and serves the city. I like the grocery store idea – very welcoming, open concept and the food is fresh.

Anyway, for breakfast, I had Guava and Papaya for the first time – a taste I’m not used to but I like it – and they were so fresh. Yummm!

One thing that’s totally surprised me is the culture here – I didn’t realize how important friends + family is compared to Canada. Victor and his 2 brothers live at home and they are very close. I feel that is a big thing we’re missing in Canada. I feel like it had it’s place sometimes but in Canada we seem much more focused on our careers and entertainment than something real like our friends + family. I’m very lucky to be staying with Victor and getting to see this side of Mexican culture.

We went for a little tour of downtown and it was amazing how many people have fruit stands along the street, and also how many people try to sell something when the car is stopped at a light. We stopped and I got to see the Mausoleum of the Corregidora which holds the remains of Josefa Ortiz Dominguez, a heroine of the Mexican war of independence, and has many statues representing and honouring important people from the history of Queretaro. It’s amazing how much history there is in Queretaro. It’s easy to be proud of your heritage when you’re able to see it and read about it so easily.

Later on, we bought some Tuna fruit (also called Nopales) from a street vendor and it was delicious. I wish we had it in Canada but cactuses are pretty rare!

After we played ultimate and ate some food, we went downtown and watched the Mexico vs USA Golf Cup final at Wicklow’s Irish pub. Their pubs + bars are tucked away so when you walk down the street you really don’t know what’s inside until you get to the door. It’s quite neat as it makes the downtown seem a lot less commercial.

After the game, we went to meet up with some of the players from Malaki and I got to drink some delicious Mexican Tequila. I was feeling mucho bueno and got to eat some real tacos from a street vendor which were also quite delicious. I’m getting used to the spice in their food slowly.

I hope all my friends and family are doing amazing. I didn’t realize how much traveling would open my eyes to so much – but I guess when I see the culture the way I am, I can’t help but be influenced and inspired.

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Day 1: Departure – Calgary to Queretaro

No Comments 27 June 2011

I love to write and I’m so excited to be in Queretaro, Mexico coaching + playing with Malaki UFC (Ultimate Frisbee Club) so I will be blogging about my trip. There will be lots of randomness – I’m very aware and pay attention to a lot so you might think some of it is weird but if it’s in there, I thought it was neat enough to mention.

Neat thing I saw on the ground: Baggage truck pulling a chuckwagon with wooden barrels on the runway at the Calgary airport.

Neat thing I saw in the air: The captain made an announcement when we were flying over the Grand Canyon so I got to see that from the plane.

Annoying thing: The flight attendant on US Airways giving a long speech about an air rewards credit card.

Nice little thing: Having an empty seat next to me on both flights.

Random thing: Watching other people try to sleep is entertaining – there really isn’t a comfortable position and you see people try everything.

Something I enjoyed: Reading “The Art of Learning” on the plane. The book arrived last week, generously sent to me by Michael Lawler, a former coach o Boston’s Brute Squad, a women’s ultimate frisbee team, as his way of thanking me for posting his videos on the Ultimate Rob website.

The first part of the book describes chess in such a brilliant manner that I immediately appreciate the complexity and skill involved. The second part, which I have just started, discusses Tai Chai and the practice of Push Hands, a competitive sport which incorporates a lot of the Tai Chai movements.

So far I’ve learned the difference between entity theorists and learning theorists which leads to understanding how we best learn and how that core approach to learning will determine how we perform under pressure of when faced with a new, difficult problem.

Something pretty cool: I was the only Canadian on the flight to Mexico from Phoenix.

Something gross: Airport fast food restaurants and the smell that lingers in the plane from everyone having just eaten it or eating it on the plane

Temperature thing: It is so hot in Phoenix and not a good hot either. It was around 115 degrees F when we landed. Makes me enjoy Calgary’s summer much more.

Something this trip has fueled so far: The desire to travel more! I’ve been all over Canada and the USA but this is my first trip outside of those 2 countries. It’s more than I could have ever imagined and I want to do more.

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Putting it Into Perspective

No Comments 24 June 2011

Today I leave for Mexico. Specifically, Queretaro. But I’ll be flying into Mexico City. I’ve known for a while that Mexico City was huge population wise and it has always impressed me how big it is.

I’ve always been fascinated by numbers – I still remember how amazed I was in grade 6 when I found out the population of California. For Social Studies, we were each given a state and we had to research and prepare a report on the state. I got California and I was blown away when I learned that they had more people in the whole state than we did in our whole country. That opened a whole new world for me and really put a lot into perspective – about how many people there really was in the world. Up to that point, I hadn’t really traveled much other than crossing the border with my family once in a while, so I felt like California was some foreign land. When I was in grade 6, we definitely didn’t have the internet – and we actually used floppy disks that were floppy.

Anyway, fast forward to 2011 and 17 years later and today I will be flying into Mexico City, with a population of almost 9 million. Now, I grew up in a town of 6,000 and although I’ve lived Halifax and Calgary and spent time in big cities, this is a whole new experience for me.

I notice the little things and I can only imagine what it will be like flying into such a massive city. I’m excited, nervous, scared but mostly just incredibly grateful for this opportunity. That opportunity will be to coach + play with the Malaki Ultimate Frisbee Club (UFC). It’s because of Ultimate Rob that I was able to get to know their captain, Victor and it’s because of him that I have this amazing opportunity.

Have you experienced something similar? When you had a change in perspective? I’d love to hear your stories!


Growing Up Hurts

2 Comments 23 June 2011

Trying to grow up is hurting, you know. You make mistakes. You try to learn from them, and when you don’t, it hurts even more. ~ Aretha Franklin

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. Learning from mistakes is what defines our character. Sticking to our values that make each of us amazing and unique will be what helps us learn from our mistakes – in our own way.

Get busy living or get busy dying. The one absolute in life is that we will all die at some point. It’s what we choose to do with our time on this earth that will determine what legacy we leave behind, who we touched, who will remember us and what impact we left on the world. I like to think that even if I inspired one person to be better, then my life will have been worth it. But why stop there? Why not inspired hundreds, thousands, or even millions? That ability exists in each and every one of us.

Will you choose to define your life or let your life define you?

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Why My Dad is Awesome

No Comments 18 June 2011

In honour of father’s day, I wanted to say a few things about my Dad. How much I appreciate everything that he is to me. How lucky I am for him to be my Dad. How I wish I lived closer to him. And how so much I want him to be happy.

Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a Dad.

There’s a reason I call him Dad.

My Dad and I have been through a lot together. Losing my mom. Having arguments. My struggles in relationships/university/life. And he’s always been there for me. Even when I didn’t want to ask, I knew he would be there for me. Without him, I don’t know what my life would be like. I know I wouldn’t be as strong today if it wasn’t for the support, the guidance and the belief of him in me.

Sure he can be tough on me. But he wants me to be happy and if he feels that I’m making a mistake, he won’t hesitate to tell me.

We’re very similar people. I remember in high school talking to my guidance counselor about the relationship between my Dad and I. About how we would argue about the dumbest things. And about how stubborn we both are. She said it’s because we are both so similar that sometimes we will have battles. And that I needed to try and be more patient with him. And I think I’ve been really good. I know I’ve been a jerk many times. I know I’ve made decisions he didn’t agree with. I just hope that he is proud of me, that he understands what guides me, why I am the way I am and he knows that I’m working towards creating my own life and doing what will make me happy.

I have many things to thank my Dad for – but the greatest gift he ever gave me was his love of sports, athleticism + the spirit of competition. Ever since I was a kid, I was involved in sports. Growing up, I was in the water + on the ice before I was a year old. I learned to play golf when I was only a few years old. I played baseball all the time in the backyard, I would throw the football with my Dad, I would watch him play touch football, I would watch sports with him and I would go to his softball games (and annoyingly call him Clifford the Big Red Dog). Dad, I’m sorry I called you that…I can only imagine how embarrassing it was for your kid to call you that. Wow. To thank my dad for all the incredible things he has done I wanted to gift him one of the best pool sticks, he loves playing pool!

I am so thankful for him coaching my hockey team, for coaching my baseball team, for driving me to/from practices, going to weekend games/tournaments with me, paying for all of my sports and never stopping me from trying out for the AAA hockey teams. Wanting me to do my best. Spending hours helping me practice in the driveway, shooting off the piece of plexiglass he got from work. Playing basketball. Teaching me how to dive and watching me land flat on my back 15 times in a row trying to do a 1 1/2 off the 1 meter board. Setting up some weights in the basement for me so I could start working out. Giving me advice although at times it seemed that I didn’t listen to him (I did listen to him – sometimes I was stubborn and didn’t want to admit that he knew what he was talking about).

I’m sorry for being difficult. I’m sorry for not caring more about your situations and instead thinking my hockey was the most important thing in the world. I realize now how hard you worked at a job you didn’t like with a boss who was a jerk just so Margo and I could play sports and follow our dreams. And how we’ve turned out, we have you to thank.

For Margo going to university on a full golf scholarship to me competing at Nationals in ultimate. To Margo going to Nationals for golf to me going to World’s for flying disc. It all started with you + mom being there, supporting us, teaching us and coaching us. Being our biggest fans.

I hope you know that what you’ve done for me I cannot adequately express in words. I’ve done my best here but it goes so much deeper. Growing up, I know that Margo and I were the luckiest kids ever. To have two loving, dedicated, athletic and caring parents in our lives. I only hope I can someday provide that to my kids. I would be honoured to have been as good to my kids as you have been to me.

Today, on this Father’s Day on Sunday, June 18, 2011, Dad, I want to say how much I love and appreciate you.

Your son,
Robert J McLeod


About Rob

Rob "Frisbee Rob" McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He competes in ultimate, disc golf, dog disc and overall flying disc competitions. Rob currently holds 6 Guinness World Records, 10 World Championships and the Canadian Distance Record.


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