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The Joy of Parking

No Comments 20 November 2009

Parking is, to put it lightly, annoying.

Think about what parking is. Your car is sitting on the ground. Yet you have to pay for it to sit on the ground. Maybe you could have like a time share system. You use someone else’s parking spot downtown and they use your spot somewhere else.

Have you ever seen those garage type parking systems? Like the one in the pic. They’re so sweet. Efficient since all of the spaces are optimized to fit a car and there’s no wasted space. But, what happens if your car becomes like a chocolate bar in a vending machine and gets stuck halfway out? Then convenience and efficiency turns into hassle.

I get why we’re charged for parking. And I understand that people have come to expect to pay for parking. But honestly can’t they make money another way? The amount we spend on vehicles is high enough already between car payments, insurance and gas so why not cut us a break?

I think the government should do something about it. For university students, it’s outrageous how much they have to spend to park to go to school. No wonder so many people try to park for free and get tickets for risking it.

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Who Do You Listen To?

No Comments 15 November 2009

When you want to do something, whether it’s apply for a job, try out for a sports team or set a goal, who do you listen to?

Do you let your friends tell you what you can or cannot do?

Do you let your parents?

Your boss?

Or yourself?

Of everyone, shouldn’t you listen to yourself?

So why is it that so often we let what others say dictate our decisions? Why don’t we instead know what we want, believe in ourself and go for it? By not doing something we fail. By doing it, the worst case is fail; best case is success. So there is no do not; there is only do. Think about that. And go for it.

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Rob "Frisbee Rob" McLeod is a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He competes in ultimate, disc golf, dog disc and overall flying disc competitions. Rob currently holds 6 Guinness World Records, 10 World Championships and the Canadian Distance Record.


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