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No Comments 30 January 2009

Did you ever read the Hardy Boys? Tom Swift? Nancy Drew?

I miss reading those books. When I was a kid, I would sit and read for hours and hours. My favourite thing to do as a kid was play sports and read books. I loved reading because I could get so caught up in the books and just let my imagination run wild.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately. Like I watched 5 movies on Sunday. Yeah. A lot. But I love them. But since it’s so visual, our imagination is used in a different way. Instead of trying to visualize what the characters and the scenery looks like, we instead try to imagine where the story is going and what will happen. I love having that mindset when watching movies because I never hate a movie. I don’t have expectations about a movie. I can watch a movie that most people hate and absolutely love it. Or a movie that isn’t huge and love it. Like City of Ember. I hadn’t heard of it, but downloaded it last week. I watched it last night and got super into the movie. I had no idea what it was about but the story was exciting and I was getting so excited trying to imagine what was going to happen next.

I find television boring in that sense. Too much of it is predictable. But, I am into a few tv shows. Biggest Loser, Nip Tuck, Chuck, Apprentice and Entourage. But, I download them (sans les commercials) and watch it when I have time. It’s great that way. Gives me a nice break in my week.

I think everyone should find ways to stimulate their minds and find out what entertains them. As much as it’s important to do what you love, you also need to have a balance. Work, hobby, entertainment.

For me that’s my tv shows, movies and reading. I’m pretty sick of going out and getting drunk. It’s expensive, it’s loud and you don’t really get to talk to your friends, it’s not healthy, and I hate waking up feeling even a little bit hungover. I will do it whenever Paul is in town, but that’s about it.

You just need to find a good balance in life. Be as busy as you want; as long as what you’re busy doing all balances out it’s good. Take time to fuel your imagination. Be entertained. Be imaginative. How that’s done comes in many different forms so find what works for you.


Murphy’s Law – Proved Yet Again

No Comments 27 January 2009

So you know those famous last words…

Me: You don’t have to do X because Y won’t happen?

T: If Y will happen to anyone, it’ll be me.

And then Y happens. And you feel like a total schmuck?

Long story short…do X because if there’s even a slight chance of Y happening, it’s worth the time it takes to do X because the amount of time it’ll save if Y does happen is huge. So…whenever you update a blackberry…do X. Meaning make a backup. My bad T.

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Are You An Option or a Priority?

No Comments 25 January 2009

“Don’t let someone become a priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs.”

Wow, I saw this quote on someone’s status on Facebook last week and it struck a huge chord.

Why spend so much time and energy trying to talk to others when they’re not making the same effort trying to talk to you?

I know it goes both ways. There are people in my life who make way more effort than I do. They realize perhaps that I don’t have the same amount of time for them as they do for me, and I can appreciate that. It’s cool they still put in the effort. And sometimes you have to be the one to put in more effort.

But on a regular basis? And why should one person have to do all the work in a relationship? They shouldn’t. Relationships which are one sided are not healthy relationships at all.

And so with that, it’s time to prune.


Barack Hussein Obama – 44th President of the United States

No Comments 20 January 2009

Today was the 2nd day of training at SMART. It was also the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. So promptly at 10am, we took a break and went down to the cafeteria and watched the swearing in of Obama on a large screen which was set up. There were roughly 50 people watching and after he took the oath, there was some applause. But then everyone quieted down to listen to Obama’s speech.

Now, I think speeches can be a great thing. And Obama is truly an inspirational speaker. When I watch him speak it reminds me of watching a movie. It’s smooth. The pauses are at the right time. And there are some very motivational lines. And I’m sure he practices every speech until he knows it perfectly. But there is a question in the back of my mind after listening to his speak. Which is “Will he deliver?”

I like the approach he takes. Dean compared it to a coach giving a locker room speech to his team. Obama is very empowering and puts a lot back on the people. America has become a very lazy society (Canada too). We are the fattest population in history. It’s disgusting. Absolutely sickening. Why have we become so lazy? Why have we become so complacent? Why do we settle do often for things which do not make us happy? Why are we so far in debt? Why are the junk food companies making so much money and people are getting fat and dying?

Yes there are many problems in our society and as much as I complain that the news focuses too much on the negatives and should focus more on the positives, I find myself too focusing on the negatives. Why is that? I find that I’m extremely happy. I’m busy doing the things which I love doing. Working in online marketing and social media. Eating sushi. Playing frisbee. Working out. Watching movies. Designing websites. As I spoke about in one of my previous posts, Do What You Want. Truly it’s that easy. If you are doing something you don’t love, or dating someone you don’t love (in a loose sense of the word) or living somewhere you don’t love, then change it. You have a choice to make and there is nothing stopping you from making the choice which brings you happiness.

Going back to the previous paragraph, yes I’m very happy, but I believe that we can all be happier. Although I’m happy doesn’t mean that I’m satisifed. I want others to be happy too. I don’t want there to be a concern of someone stealing from someone else or murdering someone else or abusing someone else. If everyone did what they loved (and those sick people who murder…I will bet you that they love doing someone healthy and non violent) then this world would be a much happier place.

Summing this up, I believe that Obama is making his best effort to put the onus on the people to create their own happiness and to create a better life for themselves. Noone needs a 3,000 sq. ft. home. Noone needs 3 cars. Noone needs a $20,000 watch. Even if you can afford it, what’s the point? You don’t need to be blowing money on things which you think will buy you happiness. Be happy first and then worry later about having those nice things. Happiness can come completely free of charge. I created my own happiness first by giving my time free of charge to something which interested me. That later grew into a paid role which led to my current full time position.

I am excited to see what the PEOPLE do while Obama is in power. I think he will inspire people to want to be better. Everyone has the ability to be happy and to do what they want. It’s a matter of them feeling empowered to go out and do that.

Humour, Thoughts, Weather

Melty Snow

No Comments 13 January 2009

I curse you warm weather and melty snow for making mine and my friend’s lives so annoying.

Why won’t you just disappear altogether so we don’t constantly get stuck trying to park on the streets where we live?

Why can’t you just let our tires get enough grip so we can drive away?

Why do you feel like you need to make our tires spin?

a) so we can smell the smell of burning rubber?
b) so our neighbours can come and be neighbourly?
c) so we’ll buy winter tires?

I pick c).

I think it’s a conspiracy. I think tire manufacturers made it get warm and started the melty snow so we would consider buying winter tires.

Well guess what Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, etc etc etc. You won’t win this round. Oh no. I will push my own car if I have to, but I will not buy winter tires. You’ll just have to find a more effective way of marketing to me. I don’t like such a vicious approach.

Please melty snow, go away.

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University of Calgary – Online Payments

No Comments 05 January 2009

So the University of Calgary just this year stopped accepting credit card payments and instead are only accepting cash, cheque, debit card, or money order. This was done with the goal of using the credit card fees saved by the university to put back on the pockets of students in the form of bursaries. Sure. Great idea. However, many people don’t have thousands of dollars of cash and also like to collect benefits (Air Miles) by paying with their credit cards.

Well, a way to do this involves 2 steps.

1) Go to and send a request for money to yourself. Pay this using your credit card. Then, deposit the payment in your bank account.

2) Pay for your tuition with the money received from your Paypal payment. Since you paid with your credit card online you will receive the benefits which your card offers.

Try it out. It’s an alternative to paying by cash or debit for sure.

Rocky Mountains, Ski Trips

Weekend Ski Trip to Panorama, BC

No Comments 05 January 2009

Roz invited a bunch of us to her condo (see house) in Invermere, BC this weekend. Her plan was to go for about a week and go skiing/boarding/blading at Panorama a few times at least.

Sterling and I headed down Saturday morningish and convoyed with the rest of the crew, arriving at her house mid afternoon. It was too late to go skiing so we decided to have some pasta, drink some beers, go to the hot springs, and drink more beers.

The hot springs in Radium weren’t much of a hot springs…really it was just a warm pool with lifeguards in plexiglas lifeguard huts and braches covered with snow/ice overhanging the pool. But still pretty sweet when you’re in a hot pool and your hair is frozen because the air temperature is about -20 celcius (for my american friends 🙂 And since I used to be a lifeguard in high school and would always give the bad kids timeouts, I love how I was yelled at 3 times (or thrice since it sounds more sophisticated). Once for diving into the pool, once for wrestling with Sterling (and man did I ever destroy him) and once for, and seriously think about this one, lying on the deck on some ice??? They told me it was too slippery?? To what…slide into the pool??? haha. Ah well. I’m just badass I guess.

So anyway the hot pools were fun. And then we went skiing/boarding/blading at Panorama all day Sunday. I rented snow blades again (brought back memories from my last time in 2001 when I went). I did a run down the bunny hill a few times with a few of the crew just to get used to the blades again and then was itching to go hit the higger runs. So for about an hour I went off on my own. All the way to the very top and was really wanting to hit the black diamond and double black runs, but they were pretty much all closed for either an avalanche warning or due to poor conditions (aka not enough snow). But some of the runs I did do were really steep and super bumpy. Forgot how tired the legs get with you’re going down the hill in a squatting position lol. But it was awesome. Had my music on and was just enjoying being free and doing what I wanted. I made my way down to the bottom of the hill and ended up running into Sterling and Roz, which was sweet cuz the 3 of us decided to stick together. A little bit later we ran into Adam and Lauren and they took the 3 of us on a run to the other side which we hadn’t seen yet…turned out to be a nice narrow run through the trees and that later turned into some really steep fast hills (which caused my only fall of the day, but it was a spectacular wipeout hahaha). We went back to the lodge, met the rest of the crew for lunch and then the 4 of us (minus Roz) met Blake, Zak and Kyle and we went to the same run that Adam showed us earlier. It was awesome again and I didn’t fall this time, but my legs were burning like mad from the lactic acid. And Blake is a sick boarder. Whereas earlier I was beating the other boarders down the hill on my blades, he was going as fast or faster than I was…pretty sweet flying down the hill like that though 🙂

This has turned into a much longer post than I was originally planning, but when you do something for the first time in 7 years, it’s a pretty awesome thing. And I want to go again for sure. I had an amazing time. And it was such a good crew to hang out with. I only wish I had more time to ski but alas, work is calling 😛

Oh and ps, Sterl and I saw 2 moose on the drive home and they were huge…and we tried to flash some oncoming cars to warn them, but I don’t know what happened. I really hope they didn’t hit them!

Next ski trip I might have pictures, but we had such a great time I don’t even know when we would have taken them 🙂

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