Chuck Norris…Ah Yes

Chuck Norris counted to infinity…twice. Chuck Norris speaks braille. I’m sure you’ve all heard great Chuck Norrisisms at some point. But, there’s nothing better than the man himself listing the top 10 Chuck Norris facts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8k3uGzgZIs

By Robert McLeod, ago

Election Campaign Monies

So I’m going to keep this short, but here goes: Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, there was a report on the 2008 presidential campaign, and the reporter made a statement to the effect that in order for a candidate to have a chance at running, they would need Read more…

By Robert McLeod, ago

90 Random Things About Me

1. What is your passion? Disc sports (ultimate frisbee, disc golf, dog disc and overalls) 2. What is your favourite beer: Alexander Keith’s IPA 3. What is your favourite scent? Lilac 4. What is your favourite movie: Rudy 5. Do you own a care? Nope…walking, bus and train for this Read more…

By Robert McLeod, ago